Saturday, June 7, 2008

DDR - Trabant

Till now, I was mostly writing about fast and sporty cars, but this time not!

In Eastern Germany, during the socialism, a lot of car were made, which are mostly unknown for people from "The West", I would like to introduce theese great cars, starting with Trabant

A few years ago tousands of Trabants were on the streets, but nowdays mostly vintage car collectors have them. It was made with two-stroke engine, this gives the unmistakeable sound.

There was of course rally version too

It's a very popular car in Hungary as well, in every year there is a rally between Budapest and Bamako, and there are people, who go with Trabi

It's a good fun to go Trabant Club meetings, we can see a lot of interesting "pimped out" automobile :)

Or military style

This 601 didn't survive the history...


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