Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DDR - Simson

And finally I write about my motorbike.

Of course it isn't a new one, it's from '88, almost the same age as me.

Unfortunately I don't have picure of mine, 'cause I didn't take pics to my laptop from home, but there are lots of nice bikes in the Simson Klub Hungary's site, this one looks nearly the same.

The name of the model is exactly Simson S51, it has a 50ccm two-stroke engine what has 3,7 HP and 5Nm torque. It's not too much, but enough for a small bike like this (80kg), the maximum speed is about 70 km/h - but there are lots of tuned machines about 8-10 HP, what can make a surprise for other scooters :)

This is the most famous Simson, the Schwalbe.

And this custom bike is one of my favourites

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